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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


It has been surprisingly warm in the office today considering we have no heat. I am so happy that this happened this week when it is in the 50s and not last week when it was in the single digits. This has made the day a little easier. I was concerned about working in my office in the cold. I don't function well cold and while I could work in our upstairs (which runs a different furnace) I wouldn't get much done but running up and down the stairs.

I also had to do the dentist thing today. It wouldn't have been to bad except for the derailed train blocking the way to the dentist's office. What should have taken 15 minutes to drive took 45. By the time I came back, there were policeman at every stoplight directing traffic. I am so very glad that the husband is doing swim team tonight. It would take me forever to get to the school after 5.

At swim team last night Nate discovered dot-to-dot books. One of the little girls he plays with had one with her and she traded him. She wanted to play with his Leapster L-M*x and he got to play with the dot-to-dots. He loved it. He has been bugging me since to take him to get some. I found some old ones of Ben's for him but they go up to sixty and the other ones only went to ten (which he can recognize from one to ten).

I didn't do any knitting last night. My brain was so tired after work that I couldn't bring myself to knit on anything. I think this is also because there was nothing on tv last night and I am bored with the movies I have. Tonight, however, starts the next part of Jericho and I will be glued to the tv. I have been working on my UFO for the month. A partially finished hat for the Dulaan project. It is knit out of some thick blue yarn I got for my nephew's first sweater. I did manage to work on it while I wasn't moving in the traffic earlier today. (I never knit in while I am driving since I work for personal injury attorneys and know how badly that could turn out and what stupid people do on the road but I wasn't moving and I was getting a serious case of road rage). I am nearly ready to do the decreases. I think I want to try and line this hat. I haven't ever lined a hat before but I think the people of Mongolia would be better served by a double layer.

Nathalie, you are completely right I wouldn't trade my oldest one for anything(or my youngest for that matter). My boys are the best.


Blogger RC said...

The Mayor likes the dot-to-dot too... with 1 to 10's... I was able to find a bunch at the dollar store and some at Michale's crafts. He likes Mazes too. Leapster has a learn to draw & write cartrige that has mazes and my boy goes crazy!

8:34 AM  

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