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Monday, February 19, 2007

He Did It!

Ben did it. He got five more divisional times. That makes seven total. He has divisionals in:
  1. 100 Breast
  2. 50 Breast
  3. 200 Free
  4. 200 IM
  5. 100 Back
  6. 50 Back
  7. 50 Fly

He gained three seconds on his 100 Free and one second on his 50 free. Free is his worst stroke at the sprints. But he is the fastest freestyle swimmer at the 200 in his age group. He didn't swim the 100 Fly this weekend, so he didn't have a chance to improve it. He really had a great weekend. There were lots of family present to watch him. Shanes parents came and mine as well. My brother and sister showed as well as my BIL and nephew. The nephew actually watched some of the swimming. Nate did to, but I think mostly to be with Grandma. He cheered Ben on Friday night with such charming statements as "Faster Ben you can do it" and "Come on Ben I don't want you to walk home" (mind you this has never been a threat from us). The coach thinks they might start putting him in the 500 free next year. He will be the youngest swimmer on our team to race that event. Ben didn't even complain when I told him (he complains about the 200. I think he is beginning to realize that distance is his strength. Both my brother and I went through this when we ran).

Here is Ben and one of his buddies doing what they do best. Playing gameboys and goofing off. He has three boys in his age group that he hangs with and one who will move up next yeat. They all sit together and play gameboy and get goofy. They also provide great competition for each other. The last race Ben was in on Sunday, the four middle lanes were all boys from our team. It was so much fun to watch.

We have two weeks now until the divisional meet. He only gets to swim five events there even though he qualified in seven. It will be interesting to see which of the seven the coaches choose for him. They have been buggin us to let Ben swim with the club over summer. We usually swim with our local team in the summer. The coach for MAC also coaches for THT in the winter. He was our first coach for swim team. Ben doesn't get as much out of swimming in the summer sessions. What he does get is far more encouragement and mental well being. So for now we aren't worried about what he misses swimming with MAC in the summer. Nate will also be swimming this summer. MAC allows kids who can't swim to join so Nate will be taught how to swim. Nate can swim (free and back) with a floaty but he doesn't naturally float the way Ben did at the same age.

Other than the swim meet, we had the family over for the nephew's birthday. (Yes, I know we drag the birthday's out in my family. We do it with all holidays.) He was funny and cute. He loves to come to our house since we have the dog and Nate's bed. My dad made both the beds my boys sleep in. They both have loft beds (a bunk bed without the bottom bunk). Nate's has an added feature to it. A marble raceway. This is great fun for all kids who come to our house. I took him home after the meet on Saturday (so papa and daddy could shop) and didn't see him except when he ate for three hours. Such a chore to babysit. The rest of the family had come for a visit. We played cards and ate soup. Shane made beer cheese soup and I made vegetable. The beer cheese didn't make it to the end of the day but I had enough left over vege to bring it to work. The nephew's sweater fits great. I should get pictures soon. (I am horrible about getting my camera out and actually using it so I must wait for my sister).

No knitting news as I got nothing but a couple inches done on Ben's scarf and the frogging of my sister's stole since I can't count even with stitch markers helping me. You would think that with a math degree, I could count higher than 5 but apparently this isn't a requirment for high math.


Blogger AR said...

Congrats to Ben! So exciting.

11:49 AM  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

That's awesom - congrats to Ben! :o)

11:59 AM  
Blogger RC said...

Holy Cow! Those are pretty good times! How exciting for Ben! Tell him we say Good Job and Congratulations, from The RC house!

8:28 AM  

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