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Monday, February 26, 2007

What I didn't get done

I didn't get any FOs this weekend. After Friday evening, I didn't even leave the house. What I did do was laundry and taking care of kids. We taught Nate how to play Sorry. He is pretty funny while playing it. Although everyone has to finish. The poor kid lost pathetically every game we played and I even tried to throw the last game and still he came in last. Thankfully, he still thinks he wins. Now it is all he wants to do. All I hear. I'll be glad when he gets a little older and we can include him in the games we play with Ben (and by we I really mean me, Shane plays video games against him).

I did get nearly the entire back of Ben's sweater finished, one lace repeat on the silk scarf (two more to go) and two inches more on the wrist warmers.

I watched Stick It. Ben watched it with me (although he claims to have been playing his gameboy for the first part). It was cute although not as good as Bring It On. I also watched Much Ado About Nothing. I completely forgot the Oscars were on last night so I didn't watch any of them. I usually watch some of them, I really like to see the dresses.

One more week of swimteam. Yippee! Then Shane tells me the coaches are trying to get the boys into the State meet. If they succeed that will add two more weeks on (maybe more), I am trying not to think about it. Poor Ben wouldn't get much break between summer and winter seasons if the coaches succeed.


Blogger AR said...

I remember what a relief it was when our youngest was finally big enough to play games with the family. Of course, like you said, then that's all they want to do!

8:35 AM  

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