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Monday, March 26, 2007

Motorcycle Fun

We had a very busy weekend. Friday night, I started with that trip to the LYS. First thing the owner says to me is look at the yarn on the table. Brand new 100% silk Claudia's Handpainted. Yummy! I managed to resist temptation, well that temptation at least. I can resist that $40+ plop on one skein pretty well (I eyed the other silk yarn I have for 2 years before buying it. But I still have the sea silk I got at christmas so wasn't overly tempted, yet). What did get me was the brand new Namaste bags she had in. I fell for the needle bag. I got the dark brown/teal combo. The only way this bag would be better is if it came in black (at least for me). I immediately put all my needles into it. Although, I did have to order some more circular pouches and a couple more straight needle pouches. Shane didn't even complain about my purchase.

Saturday, we went to my cousins for a house warming party. The boys charmed all of the girls there and ended up going home with the grandparents. Sunday we went to the grandparents to help my Dad tear out the bathroom. (He is doing very well, thanks for all the thoughts.)
My brother and his fiance came over on their motorcycle so Nate got to take his first ride of the year. My Dad had to dig out his little guy helmet. I managed to get a pretty decent video of him riding. He was confident enough on the back as they were pulling in the drive to wave.
I on the other hand wasn't treated so gently when my brother took me for a ride. Many years ago I used to have my own motorcycle, but after having the boys I sold it since I really couldn't use it. I usually have my Dad take me for a ride at least once a year. I had the baby brother take me this time. I hadn't ridden on this motorcycle before (it's his fiance's and they just got it last year). I gotta tell your it was the most uncomfortable bike to ride as a passenger and I nearly fell off the seat when he took off. But it was a nice day to ride. Ben opted out entirely.
Rebekah wants to know an irrational fear, I have a number of them so I am going with the one that cracks my husband up the most:
1. I can't have curtainless windows at night because I always think someone is watching me. This is true even if I am in the middle of nowhere. I think this goes hand-in-hand with my fear of people breaking into my house if Shane isn't home at night. Last time I was all by myself I blocked the doors so that if someone broke in I would hear it.


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