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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Evening at home with the Grouch

Ben and I had our evening at home alone last night. We played Mastermind (he won his round as a guesser but only because I helped) and Lego Creator (which he won). However, I must have been too grouchy because he opted to go take a bath rather than play any other games.

Today was pajama day at the school. So Ben wore his Spiderman pajamas with the webs under the arms. It is the only pajama set he owns as he has taken to wearing just pajama bottoms. He was cold, so he also wore his robe, took his slippers and a blanket. His backpack was so stuffed he looked like he could topple over.

Tonight is girls night out. I can't wait. I had to forgo girls night last week and am really ready for the adult oriented non-family, non-work conversation. Plus I get my car back tonight. Then tomorrow night, Nate comes home. I am so ready to have him home with me. Although I am less than sure he is ready to come home. There are far less rules at Papa's house and no bed time to speak of. Regardless, I am sure my parents are ready to go back to their adult lifestyle and grateful that they could take care of him for this time. He rarely gets alone time with his grandparents the way Ben did (being the second and middle grandson).

I am about ready to break into the third skein of yarn on the silk scarf and the second on Nate's scarf. I did start my sisters stole last night instead of pulling out something else. Mainly to get rid of the guilt that I haven't knitted anything for her and because I need something more complicated that what I have out. I have decided Shane's sweater needs to stay the UFO that I keep working on at least until the end of the month. Then I may move on to the ribbed tank I have started. I am 3/4 of the way done and would be able to wear it in the summer if I finished it. This picture makes it look worse than it is. I have finished the split part and am down to just one ball of yarn with it. The color is pretty close to accurate. I think I would very much like to wear it.


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