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Monday, January 22, 2007

Good things and bad things

  • 3 AM wake up time to get to swim meet.
  • 3 PM check in time when you need to check in at noon
  • Alarm failure and waking up twenty minutes before you need to leave the hotel
  • Snow, failure to stop and busted rim on my car leaving me to drive my husband's disgusting excuse for a car (I would like to note that his car wasn't always disgusting. I used to drive it everyday but he doesn't care for his cars like I do and he smokes in it. I asked him to clean it for me and if he did, I don't want to know what it loooked like before!)
  • Leaving a bag in the hotel with all the towels the swimmer needs to dry off and stay warm


  • Ben getting a second divisional time, 50 back stroke this time.
  • Spending time with the other swim team parents and getting to know the parents of the kids we see regularly.
  • Seeing Nate after a week away (not so good, sleeping in the same bed with Nate after a week away. He tried to get close even in his sleep and hogged the bed which is not normally and issue for him)
  • A trip to River Knits yarn store in Lafayette.

River Knits was a nice store. Smaller than River Wools (my LYS) but I admit that I am spoiled for fairly small town living to have such a nice store to shop at. I have found few that really rival River Wools for good priced yarns. River Knits carried a lot of the same yarns as my LYS so it made it easier to pick out what I would bring home (I never buy anything I can get at my LYS at another store. My LYS keeps her prices in line with what you would spend on-line and I want her to stay in business, so that is just my way to make it work). The store was super busy, and the help friendly without being pushy or bugging you to much. (I browse and touch for a once over before I even start to pick what I want). They even have a frequent shopper card (with no expiration, which is good since I am there approximately once a year).

I got some nice Lorna's Laces Shepard in Whitewater, Rowan Cashsoft in a burgundy color (much more red than pink as in the picture), some rosewood circular needles, an orange Chili (I look for this one at every store I go to) and a book by Louisa Harding with nothing but scarves, hats and mittens (a book category that I sorely lack in). I also got some stuff for my Secret Pal, but I won't show you yet. I don't want her to guess to soon.


Blogger AR said...

Yay, Ben!

I love your scarf from a few posts ago. Nice new yarn, too. :)

Hope the no smoking thing is working a little better. It is hard, but possible, and quiting is worth it.

7:15 AM  

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